Infant Program
Our infant program begins at 6 weeks of age. Our caregiver to infant ratio is 1:4 to ensure that each child is given individual attention and care along with time to socialize. Our caregivers will follow your child's current feeding and sleeping schedule, and a daily report will be sent home each day outlining your child's feedings, naptimes, diaper changes, and more. Each infant is supplied with his or her own crib, sheet, and blanket, which are laundered on site every week. The infant classroom is equipped with plenty of bouncy seats, swings, exersaucers, boppy pillows, and hand toys, which are disinfected at least twice per day. Infants engage in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities daily to stimulate their social, physical, and cognitive growth. These activities include music time, story time, painting, play time, tummy time, and spending time outdoors.
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